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Posted on 27th Mar at 10:18 AM, with 5 notes

Heyo, folks. Phil "The Commando" Kahn here, and this here’s a piece I put together for Super Art Fight: The Art Book. I call it "Building The Future," and these are some process shots I took while I was working on it from pencil to ink to re-ink trace to color to finished.

This piece along with a bunch more are available as high-end tier rewards for those of you out there who want to help us put together Super Art Fight's first compilation book! Inside you'll find more original art like this, Wheel of Death-inspired drawings, show posters, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and lots more! Reward tiers include prints, copies of the book itself, as well as exclusive T-shirts and the aforementioned original art pieces.

Please consider tossing a few bucks our way, or reblogging this post, sharing on Facebook/Twitter, or anything else that can help us out. And thanks for being a patron of the Super Arts.


  1. electronsoup said: PHIL I’M SO PROUD OF YOU THIS IS SO AMAZING -WIPESATEAR- <3333
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